Building and Installing FFTW for GNU Radio

GNU Radio requires a shared, single-precision version of FFTW. Many contemporary GNU/Linux systems come with FFTW suitably packaged. Systems using pkgsrc can install math/fftwf. In the event that no package is readily available on your platfrom, FFTW is easily built from source on any Linux, Cygwin, or MinGW/MSYS system. These instructions were written for Cygwin and MinGW, but should work on any of these systems.

(1) Download fftw-3.1.2.tar.gz from to /usr/src (i.e., C:\cygwin\usr\src on a default Cygwin installation or C:\msys\1.0\src on a default MSYS installation).

(2) Build and install with (see note below for MinGW):
$ cd /usr/src
$ tar zxf fftw-3.1.2.tar.gz
$ cd fftw-3.1.2
$ ./configure --enable-float --enable-sse --enable-3dnow --enable-shared --disable-static
$ make
$ make check
$ make install

For MinGW you need more options on the ./configure command:
$ ./configure --with-our-malloc16 --enable-threads --with-combined-threads --enable-float --enable-sse --enable-3dnow --enable-shared --disable-static
FFTW is installed under /usr/local/* by default.


  • you can use a directory other than /usr/src if you prefer
  • to install FFTW somewhere other than /usr/local use the --prefix= option on ./configure (but be sure that GNU Radio's ./configure can find it)
  • newer versions of FFTW should work as they become available
  • for more information on FFTW see

注: Building and Installing FFTW for GNU Radio (原文出处,翻译整理仅供参考!)