If you'd like to contribute, take a look at these, or add your own!

Current Defects

Open bug reports

Current Enhancements

Open feature requests

Suggested Projects

[I think a lot of these should be entered as Enhancement or Task tickets.]

  • Make Windows port work as well as Linux
    • Full duplex audio
    • Faster USRP transfers
    • Easier to build
  • Augment Audio on OS X:
    • CL selection of source / sink via string
    • Use gr-omnithreads instead of mld_threads
  • Portaudio
  • More example programs
    • OFDM
    • D-Star
    • MIMO
    • Ham radio demos
  • USRP/RFX IQ balance correction
  • Better plotting widgets (OpenGL?, C++!)
    • Improved FFT, Scope, Waterfall
    • IQ plots
    • Eye diagrams
  • Collect all code out there that hasn't gotten into repository
    • DAB
    • POCSAG
    • GPS
    • 802.11
  • IIR filter design
  • More FIR filter design code
  • Documentation
  • Logo
  • Website improvements
  • More wiki pages
    • wiki Hierarchy
  • Automated binary package generation

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