I have a dream ...

This page operates as a hub where ideas can come together and be linked to for further discussion and development. It also links to projects that are a work-in-progress as to help connect and get more input.

Moreover, this page gives a record of possible future projects that may be feasible well after the original idea has been presented.

GNU Radio Companion

GNU Radio Companion is a graphical user interface used to string components together and automatically generate the proper flowgraph.

Message Blocks

Message blocks (or m-blocks) are to be used for implementing tighter time constraints for transmission and reception of signals. This should allow for development of more complex MAC protocols including, but not limited to, GSM and other TDMA style protocols.

OpenGL Graphical Components

Currently, wxPython provides the graphical components for GNU Radio. Since this is not necessarily the most efficient way to display information, OpenGL might be a more efficient method.

RF Channel Simulation

Due to the highly abstracted nature of GNU Radio, creating channel blocks for RF channels is not completely out of the question. Gaussian, Rayleigh Fading, Rician Fading, etc could all be simulated along with different frequency offsets to create a better way to evaluate equalizer performance without the use of a USRP or any hardware.

注: I have a dream (原文出处,翻译整理仅供考!)