In-band Signaling

The goal of in-band signaling in the [[USRP|USRP] is to support precision timing TDMA packet processing and other related items The in-band signaling allows for metadata and control information to be sent on the same channel as the data This information can be used to control the [wikiUSRP USRP]] on a per-packet basis, allowing low-latency transmission control which is needed for detailed Media Access Control (MAC) protocols.

Changes Required

To support in-band signaling, several changes need to be made to the USRP as well as the GNU Radio framework.

USRP Changes

GNU Radio Changes

  • m-block: addition of the message-block
  • Scheduler: support for quasi-real-time hierarchical scheduler
  • USRP Class: modifications to the base USRP class

Profiling Effort

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