GSM reading

GSM For Dummies - Comprehensive introduction into GSM.

Mirror is also available here.


Contains an article GSM, which has a brief description of the system. That page also has versions in many other languages (e.g. Russian) which may be useful for non-English speakers.

Very good introduction to the protocol logical structure is given at the page Um Interface.

Lectures of Joachim Göller

They are mostly in German, available for download on his web-page.

One lecture is available in English and is a good introduction into GSM architecture in general and Dm channels specifically: The GSM-Dm-Channels, a correspondence lesson

In Russian (по-русски)

В сети нетрудно найти, например, введение в GSM от Вымпелкома (бренд Билайн) - достаточно забить в поисковик "GSM - обзор системы. Корпоративный тренинг Вымпелком."

Есть, наверное, и другие хорошие введения. Если вы знаете какие - добавьте ссылки сюда, пожалуйста.