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Release History

Changes in Release 3.0.4 since 3.0.3

  • Updated license to GPLv3 or newer (r6076, r6077)
  • Updated to latest config.guess, config.sub (r6073)
  • Fixec gr_crc32 header prototype (r6072)
  • Updated AUTHORS (r5181, r6071)
  • Fixed gain setting for BasicTX and LFTX in digital examples (r6070)
  • Fixed wfm_rcv_pll stereo operation (r6069)
  • Fixed incorrect itemsize in gr_kludge_copy (r6068)
  • Fixed USRP stop() ordering (r6067)
  • Fixed realtime priority calculation (r6066)
  • Fixed USB kernel memory issues (r6065)
  • Fixed USRP "disappearing" with Linux kernel 2.6.20 (r5182, #148)
  • Fixed autoconf update issue (r5180, #143)

Changes in Release 3.0.3 since 3.0.2

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed false sync problem with digital packet code (r4641)
  • Fixed gr.firdes.band_reject tap calculation (r4077, #113)
  • Fixed initial value problem with (r4404, #104)
  • Fixed USB read failure for MSYS/Cygwin platform (r4405, #115)
  • Fixed Powermate import operation MSYS/Cygwin platform (r4406, #102)
  • Fixed shared memory leak on NetBSD (r4420)

Minor Enhancements:

  • Merged trunk (@4071) versions of dqpsk and dbpsk modulators (r4072)
  • Stuff zeros in head of FPGA Tx pipeline when Tx FIFO is empty (r4446)


  • Clarified/updated READMEs (r4024, r4028, r4408, r4410, r4421)
  • Doxygen documentation now covers whole tree (r4422, #4)

Build System:

  • Use autoconf discovered path for $PYTHON in build (r4415,r4416,r4419,r4423,r4599 #133)
  • Fixed python usage in build check (r4026)
  • Fixed Python installation path failure on FC5 and FC6 (r4630,r4643, #39)
  • Fixed PYTHONPATH portability for MSYS platform (r4076, #110)
  • Fixed MSYS/Cygwin portability issues (r4403,r4426 #117)
  • Removed non-portable make rules in build system (r4027, r4074, #107, #108)
  • Removed non-portable 'ln -s' usage in usrp (r4075, #109)
  • Fixed OS/X 'make check' failure (r4598, #140)
  • Use PORTAUDIO_CFLAGS in gr-audio-portaudio build (r4029)
  • Cleaned up build system linking macro usage (r4649)


  • Remove extraneous includes in gr-video-sdl (r4073, #99)
  • Fixed compilation warning in (r4409)
  • Added QA test for gr.noise_source_f (r4412)
  • Removed obsolete bus_interface.v file (r4411)
  • Removed obsolete (r4413)

Changes in 3.0.2 since 3.0.1

  • Improve help on (r3964)
  • Fix missing files in distribution tarball (r3965, r3966, #97, #98)

Changes in 3.0.1 since 3.0.1rc1

  • Clarify bug fix for #95 (r3942)
  • Fix undefined type for MinGW platform (r3956, #93)

Changes in 3.0.1rc1 since 3.0

  • Updated AUTHORS file (r3740, r3750)
  • Changed line ending style on config/*.m4 and (r3751, r3776, r3929, r3931, #88)
  • Improved gr-video-sdl configuration error message (r3752, #84)
  • Fixed 'make clean' breakage in gr-trellis using BSD make (r3753, #87)
  • Fixed non-portable constructs in build (r3775, r3839, r3840)
  • Remove bashisms in build system (r3797, r3838)
  • Updated gr-how-to-write-a-block README (r3841)
  • Improved error message on size mismatch in fg.connect (r3849)
  • Eliminate compiler warnings (r3854)
  • Fix for systems missing include/linux/compiler.h (r3914)
  • Fixes for working with automake >= 1.10.0 (r3923, r3925, r3926, #92, #94)
  • Fix semaphore error handling for MinGW (r3937, #95)

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