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Changes in release 3.1.3 from release 3.1.2

New Signal Processing Blocks

  • Added new block: gr.repeat (Johnathan Corgan) (r8263)
  • Added new block: gr.integrate_XX (Johnathan Corgan) (r8265)
  • Added new block: gr.cpfsk_bc(), continuous phase FSK modulator (Johnathan Corgan) (r8267)
  • Added new block: blks2.stream_to_vector_decimator (Johnathan Corgan) (r9127)
  • Added new block: blks2.logpwrfft_c,f (Johnathan Corgan) (r9128)
  • Added new block: gr.moving_average_XX (Matt Ettus) (r9134)

Other New Functionality

  • Added R1/2, K=7 convolutional encoder and viterbi decoder (Johnathan Corgan) (r8699)
  • Added new daughterboard support for dtt754 and dtt768 (Matt Ettus) (r9131)
  • Added missed gr_clip() from r7389 (Tom Rondeau) (r9141)
  • Added alternative integrate & dump to gr-gpio (Johnathan Corgan) (r9139, r9393)
  • Added CIC compensation filter tap calculator (Johnathan Corgan) (r8262)
  • Added gru.daemonize() for running apps as daemons (Johnathan Corgan) (r8266)
  • Added concurrent peak hold for fftsink2 (Johnathan Corgan) (r8333, r8336)
  • Added FFT sink control panel (Josh Blum) (r8707)
  • Added flowgraph dump method (Johnathan Corgan) (r8704)
  • Added random noise seed to channel model (Eric Blossom) (r8705)
  • Added 'omni_time' class to omnithreads (Eric Blossom) (r9107)
  • Added dynamic configuration to gr.costas_loop_cc (Johnathan Corgan) (r9135)
  • Allow odd decimation with halfband disabled (Firas Abbas) (r9136)
  • Added SSE test predicates in gr_cpu (Jason Coy)

Important Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dynamic reconfiguration failure (Johnathan Corgan) (#241, r8332)
  • Fixed gr.top_block start/stop behavior (Eric Blossom) (r9125)
  • Fixed C++ hierarchical blocks (Eric Blossom) (r9130)
  • Fixed gr.repeat() to actually work (Dean Armstrong) (r8706)
  • Updated for GCC 4.3 compatibility (Marek Mahut) (r8340, r8341)
  • Fixed signed/unsigned error in gr_fxpt_nco (Stefan Bruens, Phillip Ballister) (#258) (r9388)
  • Fixed compilation bug (log2) on Win32 (Don Ward) (#243) (r9391)

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed audio module list for Win32 (Bob McGwier) (#71, r8260)
  • Fixed endianness issue with wavefile source/sink (Tim Meehan) (#238, r8261)
  • Fixed gr.arg_max and gr.max_XX issue (Bob McGwier) (r8264)
  • Fixed race condition in fftsink2 (Josh Blum) (r8339)
  • Fixed busy wait in fusb_linux (Eric Blossom) (r8342)
  • Fixed potential invalid read in gr_complex_to_xxx (Dan Halperin) (r8343)
  • Fixed missing initialization in gr-atsc (Dan Halperin) (r8344)
  • Fixed invalid memcpy in gr-atsc (Dan Halperin) (r8345)
  • Fixed PATH modification in sdl.m4 (Don Ward) (r8346)
  • Fixed make check failure (Don Ward) (r8346)
  • Fixed libusrp build in OSX 10.4 (Michael Dickens) (r8700)
  • Fixed channel model functions (Josh Blum) (r8701)
  • Fixed version requirement in gr-howto (Eric Blossom) (r8701)
  • Fixed obsolete import in (Eric Blossom) (r9108)
  • Fixed SDCC configuration error (Eric Blossom) (r9122)
  • Fixed algorithm URL in filterbank code (Bob McGwier) (r9126)
  • Fixed typo in gr_sync_interpolator (Dominik Auras) (#250) (r9129)
  • Fixed flowgraph QA failure (Martin Dvh) (r9386)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Refactored FFT blocks (Eric Blossom) (r8329)
  • Distribute bootstrap script with tarballs (Eric Blossom) (r8703)
  • Allow use of libtool 2.2 or 1.5. Implements #249. (Don Ward) (r9106)
  • Improved SIMD code profiling output (Eric Blossom ) (r9123)
  • Renamed dot product benchmark (Eric Blossom) (r9124)
  • Updated comment in (Eric Blossom) (r9140)
  • Cleaned up gr_flowgraph code (Johnathan Corgan ) (r9387)

Changes in Release 3.1.2 from Release 3.1.1

New features

  • Added AM BCB receive demo (Martin Dvh) (r7298)
  • Added mouse hover display to fftsink2 (Johnathan Corgan) (r7280,r7282,r7283)
  • Added 'double-click to recenter' to (Johnathan Corgan) (r7284)
  • Added 'ctrl-double-click moves max power to center' to (Johnathan Corgan) (r7287,r7288)
  • Added gr.peak_detector2 and branchless clipping (Tom Rondeau) (r7654)
  • Added SciPy based plotting utilities to gr-utils (Tom Rondeau) (r7655,r7656,r7657,r7996)
  • Added variable number of vertical ticks to fftsink2 (Matt Ettus) (r7803)
  • Changed to show 100dB dynamic range (Matt Ettus) (r7804)
  • Added gr.wavfile_source and gr.wavfile_sink blocks (Martin Braun) (r7805)
  • Added set of boolean operator blocks (Tim Meehan) (r7809)
  • Added gr-gpio: Streaming digital GPIO aligned with RF (Johnathan Corgan) (r7817)
  • Added reference scaling to fftsink2, calibrated for dBFS (Johnathan Corgan) (r7878,r7885)
  • Added --avg-alpha parameter to (Johnathan Corgan) (r7879)
  • Added --with-* build configuration implementation (Michael Dickens) (#186, r7946)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing library in gnuradio-omnithread.pc (Eric Blossom) (r7293)
  • Fixed VPATH build issue with USRP firmware (Eric Blossom) (r7658)
  • Fixed Debian package conflict with release 3.0 (Johnathan Corgan) (r7286)
  • Fixed fftsink2 center frequency display (Johnathan Corgan) (r7281)
  • Fixed firmware vector numbering (Michele Bavaro) (r7294)
  • Fixed 8-bit receive mode (Matt Ettus, Martin Dvh) (r7289,r7299)
  • Fixed include file specification for USRP for Darwin/OSX (Michael Dickens) (r7301)
  • Fixed std:min/max issue on Win32 (#145) (Don Ward) (r7296)
  • Fixed OSX 10.5 threading issues (Michael Dickens) (r7507)
  • Fixed weak-reference error in db code (Johnathan Corgan) (r7508,r7510)
  • Fixed UDP and PPIO handling in FreeBSD (Diane Bruce) (r7511)
  • Fixed exceptions turning into aborts issue (#181) (Johnathan Corgan) (r7512,r8099)
  • Fixed segfault in set_taps() (#227) (Don Ward) (r7513)
  • Fixed blks2.synthesis_filterbank wiring (Beezle Bub) (r7514)
  • Fixed noise floor issue in RFX daughterboards (Johnathan Corgan) (r7515,r7516)
  • Fixed NBFM filter constants in demos (Johnathan Corgan) (r7653)
  • Fixed abort in gr.top_block() (Johnathan Corgan) (r7659)
  • Fixed return value in gr.peak_detector (Tom Rondeau) (r7660)
  • Fixed waterfallsink2 display for wxGTK-2.8 (Tobias Gresch) (r7810)
  • Fixed waterfallsink2 display update on Win32 (Don Ward) (r7875)
  • Fixed some parameter checking in new flowgraph code (Dan Halperin) (r7811)
  • Fixed missing gr.sample_and_hold files in distribution (Dan Halperin) (r7876)
  • Fixed potential segfault in gr.test (Andrew Rose) (r7877)
  • Fixed VPATH build error with (Michael Dickens) (r7880)
  • Fixed indeterminate parallel make (Eric Blossom) (#236, r7993,r8094)
  • Fixed missing flowgraph connection in (Johnathan Corgan) (#237, r7994)
  • Fixed incorrect FFT size compensation in (Tim Meehan) (r7999)
  • Fixed Subversion configuration check (Greg Troxel) (r8052)
  • Fixed RANDOM_MAX definition (Greg Troxel) (r8053)
  • Fixed missing header file include (Jason Potterf) (#193, r8054)
  • Fixed missing symlink in Debian package (Johnathan Corgan) (r8055)
  • Fixed missing peak hold initialization in numbersink2 (Josh Blum) (r8098)
  • Fixed gr.udp_source,sink for Win32 (Don Ward) (#194, r8100)

Documentation updates

  • Updated top-level README with current information (Eric Blossom) (r7291)
  • Added Python docstrings to generated documentation (Firas Abbas) (r7509)
  • Updated numerous header file comments (Firas Abbas) (r7517)
  • Updated gr.hier_block2 documentation (Johnathan Corgan) (r7806,r7807)

Miscellaneous updates

  • Cleaned up omnithread header file (Eric Blossom) (r7300)
  • Cleaned up distribution tools (Eric Blossom) (r7285, r7290)
  • Removed unfinished filter blocks (Johnathan Corgan) (#165, r7874)
  • Reorganized C++/Python exception handling (Eric Blossom) (r7295)
  • Updated Ubuntu Gutsy helper script to use python-wxgtk2.8 (Johnathan Corgan) (r7292)
  • Updated pkgsource configuration (Greg Troxel) (r7518)
  • Updated Debian packaging (Johnathan Corgan) (r7824)

Changes in Release 3.1.1 from Release 3.1.0

  • Updated autotools, cleanup (r6819, r6820, r6822)
  • Fixed regression in (#198, r6801)
  • Fixed "benchmark_rx not working" issue (#196, r6787)
  • Fixed "weird sideband" (I/Q phase offset) on multi-channel RX (#195, r6785)
  • Fixed intermittent I/Q swap on transmit (#179, r6784)
  • Fixed pktno warning in examples/digital (r6739)
  • Fixed loopback bug in gr-sounder (r6738)
  • Added complex and dual-channel options for Basic RX and LFRX (r6737)

Changes in Release 3.1.0 from Release 3.1.0rc0

  • Updated autotools, clean up (r6677, r6679)
  • Fix gr.top_block to allow proper subclassing (r6673)
  • Updated Debian packaging to reflect stable series, clean up (r6671, r6672)
  • Added workaround for broken libtool on Win32 (r6645)
  • Added missing include file (affects Win32 builds) (r6635)

Changes in Release 3.1.0rc0 from development trunk

Removed the wobbly bits (r6622:6624, r6626:6627):

  • gr-qtgui (incomplete)
  • gr-cvsd-vocoder and examples (buggy)
  • OFDM blocks and examples (incomplete)
  • DECT example (incomplete)
  • C++ dial tone example (incomplete)
  • USRP in-band signaling (incomplete)
  • libpmt and libmblock (incomplete)
  • Miscellaneous cruft (limbo, etc.)

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