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Unreleased changes in repository (3.2.3svn)

  • PMT: Optimizations, switched from omnithreads to Boost (Stephan Bruens) (r11482)
  • CORE: Added build configuration API and utility (Johnathan Corgan) (r11477)

Changes in release 3.2.2 from release 3.2.1

  • CORE: Added new gru.msgq_runner convenience class (Johnathan Corgan) (r11428)
  • EXAMPLES: Fixed broken digital examples from 3.2.1 (Josh Blum) (r11429)
  • QTGUI: Fixed USRP and USRP2 display programs (Tom Rondeau) (r11426)
  • GRC: Added short CLI argument capability (Johnathan Corgan) (r11427)
  • BUILD: Fixed missing files from packaging (Johnathan Corgan) (r11430)

Changes in release 3.2.1 from release 3.2

  • ALL: Fixed gcc 4.4 compatibility issues (Achilleas Anastasopoulos) (r11301)
  • CORE: Fixed QPSK phase error detector (Ben Green) (r11300)
  • CORE: Fixed ofdm_cp.i base class (Eric Blossom) (r11222)
  • EXAMPLES: Improved QT digital comms example (Tom Rondeau) (r11367)
  • EXAMPLES: Fixed dual-FM radio receiver (Johnathan Corgan) (#372) (r11349)
  • EXAMPLES: Improved USRP1/USRP2 auto-sense (Josh Blum) (r11298)
  • EXAMPLES: New QT-based digital comms example (Tom Rondeau) (r11298)
  • USRP2: Updated firmware for revision 4 hardware (Matt Ettus) (r11220)
  • WXGUI: Created new forms module (Josh Blum) (r11296)
  • GRC: Added new notebook display widget (Josh Blum) (r11366)
  • GRC: Fixed standard squelch wrapper (Josh Blum) (r11348)
  • GRC: Restored screenshot capability (Josh Blum) (r11348)
  • GRC: Fixed gr_argmax wrapper (Josh Blum) (r11348)
  • GRC: Fixed Python 2.5 incompatibility (Josh Blum) (r11303)
  • GRC: Assorted performance improvements (Josh Blum) (r11302)
  • GRC: Make block paths configurable (Josh Blum) (r11302)
  • GRC: Generated apps use new forms module (Josh Blum) (r11296)
  • GRC: Make block definition locations configurable through environment (Josh Blum) (r11219)
  • GRC: Add tooltips to category window (Josh Blum) (r11219)
  • GRC: Fixed chained variable evaluation (Josh Blum) (r11219)
  • GRC: Fixed deprecated number sink param (Josh Blum) (r11219)
  • GRC: Fixed random source example (Josh Blum) (r11177)
  • GRC: Removed Python 2.6 deprecations (Josh Blum) (r11176)
  • BUILD: Fixed missing files from gr-radar-mono Ubuntu Package (Nick Withers) (r11355)
  • BUILD: Fixed erroneous Makefile entry (Josh Blum) (r11348)
  • BUILD: Use common system configuration directory (Josh Blum) (r11297)
  • BUILD: Fixed typos and dependencies in Ubuntu packaging (Johnathan Corgan) (r11223, r11370)
  • BUILD: Fixed --with-usrp configuration for OSX (Michael Dickens) (r11128)

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