Installing the USRP Driver on Windows

The USRP driver consists of three files: * gnuradio/usrp/usrp.inf * /usr/lib/libusb/libusb0.sys * /usr/bin/cygusb0.dll
You can simplify the installation process by putting all three files in the same place:
$ cd gnuradio/usrp
$ cp /usr/lib/libusb/libusb0.sys .
$ cp /usr/bin/cygusb0.dll libusb0.dll

You must have administrator privileges to complete the driver installation.
You must either be logged into an account with administrator privileges or have access to an administrator's account with a password. Plug in the USRP and connect it to the computer with the USB cable. You should get a balloon announcing "Found New Hardware". If you do not have administrator privileges, you may get a window requesting a user name and password allowing you to log into an account that does. One you have administrator privileges, you should get a "Found New Hardware Wizard" window. This wizard will ask a series of questions that should be answered as follows:
  • No, not this time (do not connect to Windows Update)
  • Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)
  • Search for the best driver
    • uncheck "Search removable media"
    • Include in the search the Windows path to your gnuradio/usrp directory
      The New Hardware Wizard should find the three files listed above and install the USRP driver.


(1) You can check that the driver has been installed using the Windows Control Panel:
  • Be sure that the USRP is plugged in and connected to the computer
  • Select "Perfomance and Maintenance" and "System" to get the "System Properties" window
  • Click the "Hardware" tab and select "Device Manager"
  • Find the "LibUSB-Win32 Devices" entry and click the "+" next to it; you should see an entry for "USRP filter"
  • Right-click on "USRP filter" and select "Properties" to display the USRP filter Properties window
  • The device status should say "This device is working properly"

(2) If the driver is not installed correctly or if you need to reinstall the driver, go to the "Driver" tab of the USRP filter Properties window and click the "Update Driver" or "Uninstall" buttons. (You must have administrator privileges to do this.) You can then disconnect the USRP and reconnect it to restart the New Hardware Installation Wizard.

**Alternative Method for x386 PC:

You can install the binary for LibUsb-Win32 from and then you can install USB in automatic mode.

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