VT June 2007 Hackfest

This page is dedicated to the Hackfest to take place at Virginia Tech in June, 2007. This page will try to provide everyone with the necessary information to getting here, getting set up, and getting ready to work.

The work identified for this session includes:
  • Inband signaling on the USRP (1 + 2)
  • Get USRP2 working if it's not working by then
  • RSSI working (RSSI based packet detection) on USRP2 to enable on-the-air OFDM
  • OFDM working on the air

Location - Virginia Tech

436 Whittemore Hall

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24060


Holiday Inn University-Blacksburg
900 Prices Fork Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060

Phone: (540) 552-7001

"h3. The Inn at Virginia Tech

901 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/1/en/hotel/roabb?_requestid=73285
Phone: (540) 231-8000

Regional Airport

Roanoke Regional Airport (ROA)

Directions from ROA to Holiday Inn

1. Head south on Aviation Dr NW toward Thirlane Rd 0.2 mi (1 min) BR
2. Take the VA-101 W/Hershberger Rd ramp to I-581 0.2 mi

3. Merge onto Hershberger Rd NW/VA-101 W 0.2 mi

4. Merge onto I-581 N/US-220 N via the ramp to Lexington/Bristol 2.5 mi (3 mins)

5. Take the exit onto I-81 S toward Bristol 24.8 mi (24 mins)

6. Take exit 118C-B-A to merge onto US-460 W toward Christiansburg/Blacksburg 10.8 mi (13 mins)

7. Exit onto Prices Fork Rd/VA-412 E 0.7 mi (1 min)

8. Turn left at University City Blvd 39 ft

9. Turn left at Prices Fork Rd 3 ft


The lab is located at 436 Whittemore Hall. The building is locked at night and on weekends and the lab has a keypad lock on it as well. I will give everyone access when they get here, including the keycode to the lab which will be temporarily changed for the Hackfest.

If bringing/renting a car, you will need a parking pass to park on campus. We will have them ready for you. I will need the name of the car owner/renter as well as the license plate (both can be worked out when you get here). If you think I'm kidding about this, ask Bob, who managed to get a ticket after parking for 5 minutes on campus while we were getting his pass (no worries, we'll take care of the ticket; I just think it's funny how quickly they respond).

I have a GigE switch in the lab that is almost completely full, but I have a few stray plugs for people. However, access for the most part will be done wirelessly through VT's system.

Wireless Access

This is kind of a pain, but hopefully we'll work it out before anyone shows up. Follow these instructions to create a temporary account for however long you're here (and a few days on either side, just in case).

Fill out the form at:

Sponsoring Organization: ICTAS BR
VT Contact: James Lane


I'll ask everyone to put down their schedule, including flight number and arrival time if flying. If there are multiple people coming into Roanoke at the same time, I can pick people up. Hopefully, we can work some carpooling to ease the arrival.

Tom Rondeau (VT, your host)


cell: 540-557-7375

Eric Blossom

Matt Ettus

Bob McGwier

Johnathan Corgan

George Nychis

Thibaud Hottelier

Wireless@VT Symposium

Wireless@VT will host its annual symposium June 6 - 8 at the Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center. It's costly to attend, and I can probably get a few of you in at a time if you have a real desire to attend any of the sessions. My team will have to have representatives for posters/presentations throughout the conference, but that won't affect me or any of you.

The only thing to note here is that there is an Open Source Software SDR track going on the morning of June 7 (8:10 AM - 12:15 PM). I suspect we'll all be wanting to attend this. Bob is giving a talk on OSS for satellite communications, Eric will be giving a talk on the GNU Radio, and Matt and/or Tom will be giving a briefing on the OFDM implementation in the GNU Radio.

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